Money, and the Power of Love

One of my favorite authors, Eknath Easwaran writes in his book “Seeing With The Eyes Of Love” that “…our deepest desire is for permanent loving relationships.” Sadly, all too often very promising relationships crumble under the weight of financial stress. In “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” T. Harv Eker points out that money is a result of our programming, thoughts, emotions, and actions, including what we say. In short, over time, we have developed habits and patterns that will eventually lead to certain results in the visible world. What can one do? Aside from exploring paths of conventional wisdom, what I have found is the most effective and reliable guide to a elevate life, intelligence, and freedom, is our own inner voice. This can be tricky though, because unless one has learned to discern between the lower or higher level inner consciousness, one might mistake one for the other and head for the abyss! Here’s what I discover works:

Focus on what that inner voice is telling you to stop doing! You probably know exactly what it is I am talking about. Why not become an explorer in the adventure of your own life and see what happens for the next 21 days if you actually acted on your inner guidance to stop yourself from doing something that does not benefit you beyond instant gratification. So why not:

  1. Start a ZERO AGREEMENTS journal and enter the #1 thing that you already know that you must stop yourself from doing
  2. Create an agreement around it
  3. Monitor that agreement: for example: If you say no more purchases over $100 without consulting my spouse first, than write down how you are honoring your agreement
  4. Call a friend to create accountability, and definitely tell your spouse

Always have your journal handy when you come on a Network Philanthropy Zoom meeting for members so that you can share how you are elevating your life, intelligence, and freedom from the inside out. Remember… be honest and compassionate with yourself and others!

Carpe diem!!!


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